Chat Modules

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An admin command is a common feature in Roblox games where a player can type a command into the chat window which will trigger a game action. This library allows for easy implementation of admin commands on top of the Roblox chat system.

This library uses ChatModules to allow you to easily link behaviors that you write to chattable commands. ChatModules listen to incoming messages on the server and can execute actions based on whatever criteria is desired.


Familiarity with:

  • Roblox Studio

  • Intermediate Roblox lua

  • Scripts, functions, variables, tables

  • Parent-child hierarchy

  • ModuleScript

  • The Chat system


Whenever a Roblox place loads it checks if the Chat service is empty. If it does not find the components it needs, the place will insert the latest version of those components. This means that overwriting or making changes to these components in a game will prevent them from being updated.

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